AEA Evaluation Conference 2013!

A paper that I contributed to was selected to be presented at the AEA Evaluation Conference, 2013.

Here is our abstract!

Measuring School Capacity for Student Support: Collaborating With Program Staff to Develop a Targeted Measure With Utility for Field Practice


Leah Goldstein, Turnaround for Children, Megan Foster, Columbia University, Jennifer Mariaschin-Rudin, Turnaround for Children, Joan Stamler, Turnaround for Children,

Abstract: Turnaround for Children, Inc., a New York City based educational nonprofit, has developed an alternative approach to building mental and behavioral health capacity in schools. In order to measure the development of the systems and functions needed to increase school capacity for student support, a school staff-report survey was created and piloted. Collaboration between internal evaluators, program implementation staff, other evaluators exploring school mental health capacity and input from school support workers was essential for constructing the content and language of the survey items in order to most accurately reflect staff perception. This paper will describe the process of crafting the survey items based on multiple stakeholder perspectives, preliminary psychometric information about the survey, and its utility for practitioners working with and within school-based student support systems.


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